Respectful Communication
Giving everyone at Facebook the opportunity to be open and share their voice is an important part of the company culture. 

We were approached by Studio B agency to develope an explainer video about Facebook Respectful Communication Policy, which helps support the open culture to make sure it’s thoughtful, inclusive and well, respectful.
As we share these values, we were very pleased to bring this message to life in a 6 minute video, and we also had the chance to animate a bunch of cute kittens!
Client: Facebook
Agency: Studio B
Excecutive Producer: Nina Rappaport Rowan
Production Company: Wildthings Studio
Creative & Art direction: Andrés Rossi
Producer: Natalia Dyszel
Design: Lucas Mercado, Serge Rodas, Julieta Garione, Carolina Ghisolfi
Animation: Joaquin Rodriguez, Jose Garassino, Francisco Dallotto, Emilia Abot, Sebastian Garcia,  Leonardo Rica, Andres Rossi
Clean Up: Chaky Lilini, Emilia Abot, Javier Delestal, Lucas Mercado