Google Discovery Ads

Google has a bunch of possibilities to be discovered, like in this case, in which we participated to create this video. It explains the benefits of the search engine to acquire products directly from the platform.

2D character animation, UI, fluent transitions and a bird! We just couldn’t miss it.


Client: Google
Agency: GPJ
Creative Agency: Cresci’s Agency
Creative Direction: Juan Crescimone
Production Team: Wildthings Studio
Art & Animation direction: Andres Rossi
Producer: Natalia Dyszel
Design: Juan Crescimone, Andrés Rossi, Josué Diaz, Maxi Albella
Animation: Francisco Darlotto, Andrés Rossi, Joaquín Rodriguez, Martín Cañadell, Lucas Scala, Emilia Abot
Clean Up: Emilia Abot
Compositing: Andrés Rossi, Joaquín Rodriguez
Music & SFX: Hula Music