Nick Jr
Delicious Around The World
We were summoned by 2veinte studio to carry out a project for Nick Jr. under their direction. The challenge was to create a piece that communicates diversity and inclusion using something that can be found almost everywhere in the world as a medium. Rice! Very present in the kitchens of various cultures.
We developed a unique graphic style for this video and adapted IP and non-IP characters to the graphic universe. It was a really fun process!
Client: Nickelodeon
Directed & Produced by: 2veinte

Design and animation: Wildthings Studio
Art & Animation Direction: Andres Rossi
Production: Natalia Dyszel
Storyboard & Animatic: Andres Rossi
Character & Environment design: Lucas Mercado, Gustavo Castellanos, Blas Rodriguez
Animation: Joaquin Rodriguez, Jose Garassino, Francisco Dalotto, Emilia Abot, Andres Rossi