Questioning Questions
What happened to grandma?

Questioning Questions is a series of videos that addresses the deep, philosophical questions that children have about eternity, death, happiness, the ephemeral, the meaning of life, feelings, and the world that surrounds them. They are narrated through the dialogue between an adult and a child.

“What Happened to Grandma?” is an animated short film that delves into “questioning questions” about the deep philosophical implications of death. The story follows Emma, a sensitive and caring girl who notices her grandfather’s melancholy and inquires if it stems from her grandmother’s passing. Thus commences a heartfelt conversation between them.

The characters’ genuine honesty and sensitivity mirror their deep understanding of the world. Through captivating animations, the film takes viewers on a visually inspiring journey, delving into themes of loss and introspection.

“What Happened to Grandma?” creates a unique space for open exploration and meaningful discussion. It invites viewers to question and reflect upon their own perspectives on life and the concept of death. With its visually beautiful presentation, the film ignites the imagination.

Created by: Prismo Studio & Amblagar Studio
 Production Agency: Namamba Estudios
Written by: Gabriel Bollini, Lucrecia Bollini, Adrián Kemelmajer
Voices: James Everett Walsh & Claire
Produced & directed by: Lucrecia Bollini & Adrián Kemelmajer
Animation Supervision: Nahuel Poggi
Voices: James Everett Walsh & Claire Elise Smith
Design & Animation by: Wildthings Studio
Art & Animation Direction: Andres Rossi
Production: Natalia Dyszel
Design: Lucas Mercado, Florencia Olivera, Blas Rodriguez, Andres Rossi, Nicolas Sara
Animation: Francisco Dalotto, Alcides Izaguirre, Jose Garassino, Javier Delestal,
Facundo Lopez, Gaston Herrera, Nicolas Sara, Mateo Abrahan, Andres Rossi
3D Animation: Nicolas Sara, Lucas Mercado
Clean Up & Color: Antonella Cuozzo, Florentina Gonzalez, Javier Delestal
Compositing: Mateo Abrahan, Nicolas Sara, Moamed Sampson, Andres Rossi
Music & Sound Design by: Avealma Contenido
Music Director: Maximiliano Donato
Music Composition and Orchestrated by: Nicolás Loustaunau
Music Producer and Sound Designer: Martín Blanco