Reforestation Action

In Wildthings, we want to see our native forest grow bigger!

We joined forces with BAUM to take action and make a move towards the environment, and we’d like to keep on supporting this great initiative of planting more and more trees.

We proposed this great action where our main character plants tree seeds, while everyone can plant a tree through and app from anywhere they are and support the environment.


​​​​​​​Production Company: Wildthings Studio
Direction: Andres Rossi
Idea & Art Direction: Lucas Mercado
Production: Natalia Dyszel
Character & Environment design: Lucas Mercado
Animation: Joaquin Rodriguez, Mateo Abrahan, Nicolas Sara
Modelling: Lucas Mercado, Nicolas Sara
Shading & Lighting: Lucas Mercado
Music & SFX: Cachito Mix Studio