Tiny Climate
Save the planet

Our friends at Tiny Climate reached out to us, to help them develope this beautiful property about content for children designed to increase climate curiosity and fluency.

Sometimes, a project comes to us and is an instant match! The client vision lines up with ours, the design, animation and the love and care for nature are able to run free through our work. We are very happy to participate in these kind of projects.

Client: Tiny Climate

Production Company: Wildthings Studio
Direction: Andres Rossi
Production: Natalia Dyszel
Art Direction: Victoria Kociman, Andres Rossi
Storyboard & Animatic: Andres Rossi
Character & Environment design: Lucas Mercado, Victoria Kociman
Animation: Joaquin Rodriguez, Robert Abecasis, Andres Rossi
Modelling: Lucas Mercado, Joaquin Rodriguez, Victoria Kociman
Shading & Lighting: Lucas Mercado, Victoria Kociman
Composition: Andres Rossi, Victoria Kociman
Music & SFX: Tiny Climate